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HP Proliant it is a perfect series of professional servers. It was found by non-existing today Compaq company. After fusion with Hewlett-Packard this company has acquired full rights to use the Proliant brand on market.

HP Proliant servers are produced in four basic series - ML, DL, BL and  SL. Each of them has it own specific structure. ML series are servers with tower structure. DL are devices for universal use in rack-mount servers. BL series are servers matching to Blade system. Finally SL series which is used in huge projects where many computational units must be installed in a small space.

Products are also divided on generations, whose sign is always in name of product. Currently the market has been introduced the eight generation of servers, which are very popular in all well developed countries. All this devices are especially snapped up by IT companies whose job is to maintain exemplary functionality of large data centers.

My name is Cris Thomas. Specialist working for years in the hardware industry. The official representative of Hewlett Packard Company in United Kingdom.
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