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HP plans for 2013

Year 2013 will be very hot time in the computer industry. Producers have announced many new projects, that will further engage us to interact with virtual world. It is going to be twilight era of netbooks. Also Hewlett Packard is preparing surprise for tablets maniacs. Despite of the global economic crysis, IT hardware manufacturers are not slowing down. Extending therange of products withnew devicescan createnewdemand,and thusimprove thecompany's financial resultsfor 2013,whichwill undoubtedly bethemostdifficult periodof economic areas in the world.

Here we have plans for 2013 year annouced by Hewlett-Packard Company:

  •     new HP tablet based ona WebOS
  •     introducing of completely new type of memory
  •     in first two months of 2013 HP Company promised to release on market nine new models of computers
  •     new SDN controller
  •     Proliant SL4500 server
  •     Proliant DL560 Gen8

Despite of many rumors about HP phone, company management annouced that in 2013 syndicate is not going to introduce on market any type of this device. We have to wait for HP phone premiere at least to 2014.
Our article is only about products which according to HP company information for sure will be on store shelves in the current year. However manufacturer points out that it has a few surprises up his sleeve to reveal just before their premieres.
We await with interest the developments and we promise you that we will write about every new product available in European stores with hardware.
My name is Cris Thomas. Specialist working for years in the hardware industry. The official representative of Hewlett Packard Company in United Kingdom.
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